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Guangzhou Hello Shoes Co., Ltd.
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Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun
Cheap Men Shoes Yk87506-2
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Supplier Profile

Guangzhou Hello Shoes Co., Ltd.
 General Supplier
Business Type: Limited Company
Wellfull Client: No

Product Groups

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Basic Info

  • Style: Loafers
  • Outsole: Leather
  • Color: Brown
  • Upper: Cowskin
  • Lining: Leather
  • Heel: TPR

Product Description

Our company is specialized is engaged in the real leather shoes wholesale, retail, joining us for the integration of agency, cut-off date has have hundreds of footwear distribution network resources, with brand monopoly terminal outlets, from 1995 to hundreds of more than today, with its rational marketing concept, excellent network construction, gradually developed global fashion leisure brand - "Hong Kong patton pipe", youth recreational series -- "cloth male step female" and beautiful selling women's shoes series -- "song type though naaman dance", mature elegant series -- "ancient", health - "jun key step series", the gentleman aristocrat series - "ha guy" and other brands. Product not only best-selling domestic popular in, and in Italy, Hong Kong, Taiwan, European countries occupied a place!
State contest footland shoes with its high-quality products and relaxed fashionable brand concept in the company humanized after-sales service won under domestic shoe border many dealers and consumers' good by, presently faces the overseas distribution, please feel free to contact us, and you will be receiving more, believe us! Believe in yourself!
Miss Ronghua He  |  Guangzhou Hello Shoes Co., Ltd.      General Supplier
Cheap Men Shoes Yk87506-2
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