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OPPEIN Home Group Inc.
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Home > Products > Furniture,Decoration > Home Furniture > Dresser > Contemporary California Red Wooden Dresser with Mirror (ZT21111A145)
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Contemporary California Red Wooden Dresser with Mirror (ZT21111A145)
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OPPEIN Home Group Inc.
 General Supplier
Business Type: Limited Company
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Basic Info

  • Customized: Customized
  • Material: Wooden
  • Wood Style: Panel
  • Style: Modern

Product Description

Wooden Furniture
Name: California Red Wooden Dresser With Mirror
Model: ZT21111A145
Frame: Aluminum Frame B-1201/B-1202
Handle: 8005212B-1 80052512-2
Carcase: Canifornia red 6838#
Door panel: Aluminum Frame B-1201/12
Size: 1450× 575× 1730
Series: New Baroque series

- Local, regional, national & European cabinet makers are unable to compete with our price / value matrix so you get more for your dollar.
- Euro spec cabinet program maintains the most current OPPEIN's cabinetry technology and hardware.
- Standard hardware for door openings and drawer systems are Blum and Hettich. These are the two highest quality hardware makers in the world out of Austria and Germany respectively.
- German EU rated formaldehyde reduced cabinets & water based lacquers give you the benefit of lower toxins.
- German Machinery and production software by HOMAG® .
Ms. Chancy Chen  |  OPPEIN Home Group Inc.      General Supplier
Contemporary California Red Wooden Dresser with Mirror (ZT21111A145)
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