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OPPEIN Home Group Inc.
 General Supplier
Home > Products > Furniture,Decoration > Commercial Furniture > Office Bookcase > Designer Custom Wood Grain Bookcase (SG11320)
Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun
Designer Custom Wood Grain Bookcase (SG11320)
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Supplier Profile

OPPEIN Home Group Inc.
 General Supplier
Business Type: Limited Company
Wellfull Client: No

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Basic Info

  • Material: Wooden
  • Style: Modern
  • Door: 3 Doors
  • Color: White
  • Customized: Customized
  • Size: High

Product Description

OPPEIN Home Furnitures
Model: SG11320
Name: Oppein Modern Custom Wood Grain Bookcase
Frame: YL780, wrapped PVC finishing and specialized aluminum shutter frame
Handle: 2254-128
Cabinet Body Material: Su Xiangtong, supported Particle Board / MDF / Plywood
Door Panel: Su Xiangtong, wrapped PVC plus wood grain plus aluminum shutter plus glass
Specification: 2355W*555D*2360H

Oppein Modern Custom Wood Grain Bookcase (SG11320)
Oppein Modern Custom Wood Grain Bookcase (SG11320)
Oppein Modern Custom Wood Grain Bookcase (SG11320)

Bookcase Packing Procedure:

After producing the book case products, OPPEIN usually adopts durable packing suitable for export. we use cartons for packing to avoid breakage in transit.

1. After production and inspection of book case, panels will be firstly lined with foamed plastics.

2. On the left and right side, panels are still wrapped with foamed plastics to reinforce the packing.

3. Then, these panels are to be packed in foldable paperboard express carton.

4. After finishing that, the carton will be fastened with adhesive tapes.

5. Concerning the breakable wardrobe hardware and accessories, they are going to be separately placed in the carton.

6. Inside the carton, these hardware and accessories will be lined with EPE foam.

7. Foamed plastics are placed at the top of carton to ensure that hardware are wrapped very well.

8. When regular strong seaworthy packing is done, cartons will be unloaded onto the warehouse waiting for shipment.

Ms. Chancy Chen  |  OPPEIN Home Group Inc.      General Supplier
Designer Custom Wood Grain Bookcase (SG11320)
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