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MJ (China) Business Service Co., Limited
 General Supplier
Home > Products > Furniture,Decoration > Children & Baby Furniture > kids sofa > Home Leather Children Sofa /Mini Kid Sofa/ Kid Furniture
Sun Sun Sun Sun Sun
Home Leather Children Sofa /Mini Kid Sofa/ Kid Furniture
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MJ (China) Business Service Co., Limited
 General Supplier
Business Type: Limited Company
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High Quality, Fast Delivery, Reasonable Price from Factory directly!

MJ is a reliable third party sourcing and inspection service provider in China. Our mission is to save you more and reduce the risks in your business in China.

Tell us the exact products information what you are searching, then we could look for the most competitive suppliers and products for you in China.

Currently, MJ is already in contact with hundreds of factories in more than twenty different fields such as gifts, luggage and bags, injection mold, furniture, household products, bathroom products, metal products, paper products, crafts, electronic products, clothes, textile, mirror, photo frame, accessories...Our clients are mainly from Europe, North America and Africa. We are aimed to develop long-term relationships base on trust reliability and full transparency with each of our future clients.

Our Service:
I. Professional Sourcing
-Suppliers sourcing
-Products Sourcing

II. Quality Control
-1. Pre-Shipment Inspection: An inspection to guarantee the conformity of production to your specifications, like quality, quantity, packing, marking, etc.
-2. Production Monitoring: Constant oversight in your factory with daily reports on quality and production status.
-3. During production Check: Control and recommendations for production process and capacity. This is performed when products finish about 50% of an order. If so, we can discover problems at an earlier production stage, allowing more time for factory to rework and correct. It also help you to supervise whether the production process in on schedule.
-4. Initial Production Check: Inspection of machinery and materials to be used for your order prior to production.
-5. Container loading Check: Guarantee the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity) and are securely loaded for shipment.
-6. Factory Inspections: Comprehensive assessment of production facilities and organization.
-7. Final Random Inspection: It is an evaluation of key products at the end of production, when a consignment is 100% manufactured and at least 80% packed. We will inspect the products final quality, quantity, packing. During quality check stage, we will check the marking, packing, , appearance, function, ect.

III. Order Process
-To process your orders as your office in China
IV. Shipment Supporting
-To help clients find good forwarders and save shipment cost and risks.
Our business model is one of complete transparency. Every cost component in the supply chain is known and there are no hidden charges or superfluous fees. As a buying agent, we eliminate trader, brokers and other unnecessary intermediaries, thereby linking our clients directly with factory.
Ms. Josie Hu  |  MJ (China) Business Service Co., Limited      General Supplier
Home Leather Children Sofa /Mini Kid Sofa/ Kid Furniture
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