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MJ (China) Business Service Co., Limited
 General Supplier
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Modern Third Party Inspection Service for Household Hanger
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MJ (China) Business Service Co., Limited
 General Supplier
Business Type: Limited Company
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Product Description

Company: MJ (China) Business Service CO. Ltd
Business Scope: Business Service (Sourcing, Factory inspection, Quality inspection, Container loading supervision, Sample taking supervision, Lab test, etc.)
Our Service:
1. Sourcing Service
As an inspection company in China, we have visited many suppliers in China producing different kinds of products. If needed, we can give you the China supplier information or help you directly do the sourcing work. You will have added choices for your order. You will not need to worry that the supplier you find is fake.

2. Factory inspection
(1) Factory overview - Our auditor will walk through the factory and take photo of every corner. It can help clients know that the supplier really exsits. Clients will have general information of the supplier.
(2) Documents review - We will check the documents and records to confirm the supplier is legal, not fake. 
(3) Production line check - Check all production lines in the factory. Check the proportion of the supplier. Check the production records.
(4) Quality control system check - Check whether the supplier has good quality control system and quality problem rectification step.

3. Quality inspection
(1) Initial production quality inspection - Raw material inspection / Production plan inspection
(2) During production quality inspection - Perform the quality inspection when 20% or more of the order has been finished.
(3) Pre-shipment quality inspection - Perform the quality inspection when all the products have been finished and packed, before shipment.

4. Container loading supervision
We supervise the whole container loading process and seal the container to ensure what loaded into the container are the products ordered by client, with the right quantity. We do not allow the supplier to damage the products.

5. Sample taking supervision
We supervise the whole sample taking process to ensure that the sample is taken from the production line randomly, sealing the sample with our seal. The samples will be sent to the lab or client with our supervision.
6. Lab test
We can help buyers do some lab tests with our own labs. Some other lat tests can be done in our outer labs.

7. Other business solutions
We offer other business solutions as client's request.

1. How will we give our clients the service result?  
We will give clients a report after each service case, with detailed records and explanation and photos. The report will be sent to client within 24 hours.
2. How do you charge for each service case such as each inspection? 
We will charge USD150-280 / engineer / day for each service case. The charge will be different based on the location of the supplier and our total working days.
3. How do you keep your report objective and reliable?
We are an independent third-party inspection company. We offer the service in the name of the clients and we help our clients do what they want to do.
4. What's our service region?
Our service can cover all locations in China. We can also reach some asia regions such as Thailand, the Philippines, Korea, etc.
5. What kind of products can we inspect?
Please refer to the below catalog of the products that we can inspect.
MJ Sourcing & Inspection Service Scope
Products Categories
Household Products
Bathroom Products
5/Kitchen Ware /Tableware
Office Products
Injection Mold
Home Appliances
Electronic Products

Ms. Josie Hu  |  MJ (China) Business Service Co., Limited      General Supplier
Modern Third Party Inspection Service for Household Hanger
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